Good citizens
(pig speaking)
We are under alien attack.
We need a hero to stop this invasion, and figure out their superior technology!
Ha, ha, ha!  Even the human out there staring at us right now cannot figure out our secret effects…
Or can it?
(Alien looking worried)

In the last lesson you learned how to program apps with hot spots.

Click an object or a word and BLAMMOOOooOOO! the user triggers some crazy, zany effects.

There are tons of simple apps like this that you can now make to delight and teach young children how to read.

The following examples bring to life a few sight words or “Dolch words,” words that appear quite frequently in children’s literature.

These examples involve experiments with– ahem– cows and pigs, as well as with those “looks” tiles you started using in the last lesson.

Below are some especially fun variations to play with.

Can you guess which ones were used in which ways in these alien experiments?

This one should look familiar, even if it is an alien doing it…

Of course, you already know the formula for what that alien just did…

Oh dear, what is that alien planning now?

I bet your brain is sparkling with ideas for how to use that trick. How about building an app that illustrates “little” or “multiply” or “more”. What new scenarios will you invent? Here’s the secret formula…

Uh oh, the alien is being devious again….

And the secret formula for the experiment above is…

Again? Another evil experiment?

How was this done? Try out this sort of secret formula…


When will he stop?????

And here is the nugget to unleash these sorts of experiments…


There are more funky tiles to explore; go check them out in Scratch. Also, you can create more madness by combining these tiles in new combos. Now go unleash your creativity and conquer the world!!