Hi! I’m really glad you’ve joined us to learn how to make your own apps.

Why do this? Because if you can invent your own great software, you can invent your own great future.

You may be a young kid learning on your own. You may be a teacher trying out new technology for the first time. You may be a parent or home school parent eager to empower your kid with 21st century skills. 

This is the place to start. I assume you know nothing about making your own apps. I assume you know nothing about “Scratch,” the software that makes it easy to make your own apps. 

In a series of brief, fun lessons you will learn everything you need to know to start making your own, awesome software from games to all sorts of other apps. And it will be tons of fun. Its all about you learning some of the basics then taking off in the directions you want to go.

For this course, I have chosen a theme of how you can make your own apps to help really young kids learn to read. I like the idea, and I think you will too, of teaching others even as you are learning yourself. 

Plus, making stuff for really young kids allows you to start with straightforward, simple apps for which your audience will adore you. All that feels good. 

To get started you need to download the software authoring tool called “Scratch” that was created by some wonderful people at the MIT Media Lab with a grant from the National Science Foundation. You can download Scratch for free here: 

Once you have Scratch installed on your computer, let’s jump into the next lesson and start making your first app.

Welcome aboard!