Translucent Seas

We travel across the seas… 
to the cave of wonders
…to learn the secrets of these genie cubes
When you stamp things down you cannot make them transparent.  
We need a new approach!
An approach that will open up powerful new possibilities.
Bring in the clones!
Did you mean clowns?
No, the clones!
We will use these tiles to work our magic:
Do you see all these genie cubes?  They are born of the same entity.  Here is what the magic looks like:
But here is how I got them to behave each on their own:
With power comes responsibility.  You must clean up your clones.  If you leave them out and about they will slow down your machine to the speed of a slug as the unused clones multiply and gobble up computing power.
So remove them in one fell swoop with this powerful command:
When each clone springs to life along the path you create, how would you make them become translucent– perhaps a tile like this?
How would you make your square turn a little each time it shows up as a clone in the progression?
I think you are already familiar with this treasure: how would you change the colors of your clones a little bit at a time?
I bow to you, the Great Wizard.  You now know how to conjure all manner of tricks so combine them in new ways.  Time to reveal the big CHALLENGE before you…