Yours truly and the rest of Alice in Wonderland were created by a mathematician using the pen name Lewis Carroll. He combined mathematical insights with fantastic imagination and storytelling to delight millions.
I trust that you too will create delightful new blends of math and humor and art that will bring us all new insights…
For example, you just used math to literally think out of the box and turn a box into a spiraling tunnel. A tunnel that a charming rabbit can imagine to be a rabbit hole that can transport it to Wonderland. Nicely done. What other wonders will you create by blending your art and creativity with math?
What ancient meanings will rise from your rule sets?
What new life forms will spring from the DNA you code?
In your hands, math can blossom into art, conjure magic, emerge as new life forms.
Turtle with crazy glasses: whoa, that’s a fun trip. Take us to some new places, Dudes and Dudettes.