The courses follow a progression of empowerment (character going muaa haa haa), a progression designed to take you on a magic carpet ride from learning the very basics to thriving as an entrepreneur in the real world…

Learn the basics of building apps and games with the ABCs.

Learn to make professional quality games in Game Academy 2D. Choose your own path among various types of games to invent.

Learn to think like an entrepreneur and start up your career.  Now.  No need to wait until after you graduate from whatever.

My sincere hope is that you will go from maybe not knowing how to make your own interactive thingy to becoming one of the great new entrepreneurs of your generation to inspire us all with your creative works and great things you do for the world.

The reason I say “interactive thingy” is because this isn’t just about making games. THis is avout learning to design and manage your own projects. THese lessons in creative thinking, differentiation, innovation, design, discipline and more can be applied to any career.

Along the way, I want you to have fun.  Fun with playful invention. I feel playful invention is the way to bring out the best in you and in others.  I sure had fun inventing these curricula and I hope you will enjoy the adventures and go on to create many more adventures for others.

Opining on my life’s path (self-important, fat old owl), I’ve certainly had fun all along the way with my career path. I’ve been fortunate enough to start a company with friends that grew to be the world’s largest independent game developer once upon a time. I was fortunate to work with legions (hundreds and hundreds) of talented people– from artists to animators to composers to programmers and producers.

Also, the middle section is full of game kits.  All kinds of paths to making different types of games.  Follow as many paths as you like.