Circling Around the Edge of Infinity

You may not know, but I’m a bit of a celebrity.  
This trick I do of eating my tail is a symbol that has popped up in the mythology of quite a few cultures.
In many cultures the circle symbolizes infinity. Circles represent infinity because they appear continuous, with no beginning and end– like an infinity. And like my conversation.
In Scratch, please make your own graven image of me.
In plain English I mean draw a circle.
Well done. Let’s use your circle to make a pattern that builds upon this notion of infinity.
Set the circle somewhere up high and to the left on your stage, so your circle can have a nice run across the stage.
Now, hark back to your previous artistic efforts and think how would you snap the following tiles together to command your circle to stamp out a repeating pattern like this…
Now I’m going to teach you to be even craftier, like me.
Let’s swap out your current loop for a loop that keeps repeating until a certain condition is met.  In this case, we’re waiting to run into the far right edge of the stage.

Try that combo in your Scratch file and feel the magic of placing that circle wherever you want and it stamps its path all the way to the edge. Can you tell what number I changed to make my circles stamp at a greater distance from each other?
Save your work and I’ll see you on the next page for a few more tricks…