Art of Math – Mandalas and the Cosmos

Congratulations, you’ve created a mandala.
A what?
“Mandala” is a Sanskrit word meaning circle.  A mandala symbolizes the infinite universe within and without. 
Mandalas show up in many cultures, from ancient Mayan calendars, to the sand art of Tibetan monks and Navajo Indians.
Many Buddhists use a mandala as the focus of their meditation.  
In our times, there are unending variations on the mandala, including the variations we are making.  You can bring what meanings you want to it, but in general mandalas represent a path towards enlightenment, a means to integrate the self with the universe and create oneness.
In that spirit, let’s journey on into our study of the intersections of art, math and life.  
By the way, you are now a world turtle.  A cosmic turtle.
    A whaaa?
A cosmic turtle is an ancient symbol of a giant turtle supporting or containing the world. It appears in Hindu, Chinese, and Native American mythology. 
Hold up the world? That’s heavy dude, but I guess I can deal with that.
I mention these things, Mr. Turtle, because you have gone beyond your normal Turtleness to assist in the quest for truth at the intersection of art and math.  With your help others have been able to literally launch mathematical processes that can create infinite variation. On your back others stand to master some basic elements of programming and to illuminate some of the deep principles of the universe with their art.  A good start!